Benefit from our expert senior instructional designers without the recruitment effort or overhead cost of full-time employees.

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With our staff augmentation services, you benefit from the expertise of senior instructional designers and performance consultants. We staff for short-term and long-term contracts with people often requested by name based on our clients’ experiences with them on their projects! Contact us to begin building your relationship and meet your needs.

Eliminate Risk

Our services eliminate hiring risk by providing screened, proven personnel in learning design and media production. We guarantee:
- Seasoned instructional designers and media experts
- Completed background check
- Verified references

Save Money

You save your budget by only paying for on-demand resources as needed. We provide:
- Personnel available 10–40 hours per week
- Monthly invoicing with terms
- Pre-negotiated rates to meet budget requirements

Save Time

We provide seasoned, expert designers who implement best practices from our instructional design and project manager tool kits. Our team:
- Uses industry standards (ADDIE, agile, and many others)
- Manages timeline and budget from beginning to end

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Will the person know my industry?

We've worked with various industries, bringing a deeper experience to many verticals. Our specialties include finance, military, construction, transportation, pharmaceuticals, travel and hospitality, e-commerce, and healthcare, to name a few. As part of our contract with you, we will partner your contract with the best possible team of expert(s) to fit your industry needs.

How is recruitment handled?

Tell us about the gap you need to fill, the estimated start and end date, and the time required per week. We will provide you with several suitable candidate resumes, and once you have selected who to proceed with, we will set up interviews for you to meet the candidates. You choose who you want and the timeframe needed, and we invoice for the hours used at the agreed-upon rate each month the project lasts.