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Training Corporation Founded in 1996

Satisfy your need for knowledge-share speed

Find out how to accelerate your organization with high-quality and accurate training for your learners right when they need it.

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Making Change Happen

We work with top leaders and changemakers to develop award-winning solutions.

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An Enterprise LMS for Value-Seeking Learning Teams.

The TraCorp learning platform is designed for enterprises to deliver a robust, automated, and personalized learning experience sold at an affordable rate. It allows you to focus on what your learners need and leave a budget in the bank for the learning and development programs that get the job done.

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Training services
 aligned to meet your needs

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Performance Consulting and Analysis

It begins with our suite of performance consulting and analysis services. You will receive a Findings and Recommendations report to create learning and performance support solutions that align with your business objectives.

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Custom Training, Courses, and Learning Programs

Superior learning outcomes result from pairing our seasoned learning development teams with the expertise of your internal organization. Working with an experienced team means we do the job right the first time.

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Staff Augmentation / On-Demand Learning Professionals

Benefit from the expertise of senior instructional designers without the recruitment efforts required or the overhead cost of full-time employees.

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about us

We are a full-service training company that wants to see you and your learners succeed.

Our outcomes help customers streamline their operations, adhere to compliance regulations, better the world, and create economic opportunity. As lifelong learners and curious beings ourselves, we love the work we do.

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Words from our customers on why they keep coming back

"The entire team did a fantastic job navigating the twists and turns of this complex project with its dozens of [subject-matter-experts] and moving parts."

Banking and Finance, Manager

The [Mobility Operations School], through its partnership with TraCorp, developed the Air Freight [WBT] Lesson and transferred four out of six modules of that lesson for use on the PDAs we received. Those lessons were entered into the Brandon Hall awards competition and are what earned the award."

TSgt Carson, USAF Air Mobility Command

"We manufacture a product that is used in federally mandated programs and requires specialized training that must stand-up to legalities and potential court testimonies; our system with TraCorp allows our training programs to readily stand-up to this scrutiny with its tracking and reporting."

Director of Training, Law Enforcement Organization

"TraCorp's team has been amazing to work with. They always are very quick to respond for any questions we have, if we need new content made, or if we have changes to existing content. Their tech support staff have always at least responded to any ticket submission within an hour and usually faster."

HR Coordinator, Adult Care Facility

"Great team of [Instructional Designers] who all worked together seamlessly to produce deliverables that looked as though they had been produced by one hand. Great work all around."

Banking and Finance, Manager

Companies we’ve helped accelerate

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