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Satisfying your need for knowledge-share speed

We exist to work alongside organizations that believe in the value of developing their people. Together, we create transformations that result from learning and development programs that curate operational excellence, synergistic cultures, and empowered learners.

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A Few of Our Core Values

Build a legacy of winning

Every team goes through seasons. We've had seasons of heavy competition and seasons of rest and refinement, but the sum of those seasons adds up to an overall legacy of winning for TraCorp and its customers.

Get on the podium

"If you ain't first, you're last" may be Ricky Bobby's slogan, but it sure isn't ours. We champion continuous improvement over delayed perfection. When products and programs reach their specified targets are held back for more changes, they lose the opportunity to make second and third place.

Make decisions for our future and yours

We believe in the power of collaboration; we wouldn't know how to do our work without it. With collaboration comes the need for trust, communication, and a clear focus on short-term and long-term targets. Ultimately, we can only be as good as the result of our collective decisions, which is why we keep that as our focus and reminder.

Our Awards

TraCorp is a four-time winner of  Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in the Custom Content and Learning Management System (LMS) categories.

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An image of an award that reads Brandon Hall Group - Custom Content - Silver.
An image of an award that reads Brandon Hall Group - Custom Content - Bronze.
An image of an award that reads Brandon Hall Group - Best Advance in Learning Management System/Business Impact Tools - Bronze.

Our Evolution

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Late 80's to Early 90's

TraCorp's founder, Andy Schermuly, witnessed the dawn of the online learning industry working as a Principal Training Engineer for Honeywell Aerospace. In this role, he served on Macromedia's Corporate Advisory Board with NASA and other cutting-edge learning organizations to consult on enterprise learning and development needs from a customer's perspective.


TraCorp was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, after Andy identified a gap in the industry for high-quality, best-value training programs. The first project delivered was tax training for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The company diversified by becoming a reseller of Authorware® software and facilitating classes to train people to use the software at its headquarters.


In 1998, TraCorp won an Intel Corporation research and training project to build computer-based training with highly interactive software simulations. To record the training impact of this venture, TraCorp built a non-network-connected system, which was the birth of the TraCorp Learning Management System (LMS).

By the late 1990s, TraCorp’s LMS had evolved into a networked web-based software sold to clients through subscriptions.

Early 2000's

Surviving the struggles of the dot-com bubble, which took out many organizations across all industries, TraCorp is proud that many of the people hired during this era still work for the company today!


In partnership with its customer, the Air Mobility Warfare Center Mobility Operations School, the duo earned a Gold Award in the Brandon Hall Excellence in E-Learning Awards competition for their mobile learning courses, which allow airmen to access training from their mobile devices. Read the full press release here.


TraCorp pivoted to a remote-first strategy after a summer of testing remote-work operations during a record-setting revenue period. Not only did the company continue to provide exceptional support to customers through constant change and unknown, but it also granted employees new levels of work-life balance and quality family time.


In partnership with long-term customer, Choice Hotels, TraCorp released its best LMS version yet. The TraCorp LMS digital learning platform provides astounding customization and personalization options, especially for franchisors and multi-location, multi-brand organizations. Learn more here.

Our Future

TraCorp is proud to be a profitable, privately-held business. The company is passionate about having a future that's tied closer to customer success than investor payouts. Tobi Flowers (founder, Andy's daughter) and her husband Christian lead the TraCorp team. Tobi's accolades include being an alum of Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders program. Christian's deep experience supporting businesses of all sizes from all aspects of technology makes them the ideal pair to lead the organization for many years. Together, Tobi and Christian are driving the next decades of innovation with solid, collective decision-making, prioritizing shipping over perfectionism, and building a winning team as the company grows. More often than not, Tobi and Christian spend weekends engaging with their local car enthusiasts or traveling to watch their favorite race drivers compete.

A picture of Tobi (woman) and Christian (man) Flowers smiling and standing in front of the Laguna Seca racetrack at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion event.
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