An Enterprise LMS for Value-Seeking Learning Teams

The TraCorp learning platform is designed for enterprises to deliver a robust, automated, and personalized learning experience sold at an affordable rate. It allows you to focus on what your learners need and leave a budget in the bank for the learning and development programs that get the job done.

More Personalization,
Less Administration

All the set-it-and-forget-it features you need to:

Register users 24/7 with self-registration and access-code-driven assignments.

Provide personalized learner dashboards based on profile criteria.

Send automatic event-driven communications to support the learner’s journey.

Assign, drip, and gate content, plus require recurring completions.

All the content types you need for blended learning programs, on any device:

An icon that shows a lamp.
An icon that shows a laptop computer.
eLearning (SCORM and AICC)
An icon that shows a video camera.
An icon that shows a pair of headphones.
An icon that shows a document.
Documents and job aids
An icon that shows a webcam.
An icon that shows a person with an outline around them and a plus sign.
In-person, including classroom management and self-registration
Several screenshots of the student interface of the TraCorp LMS website shown on various devices including phones, tablets, and both a laptop and a desktop computer.
98% Likely to Recommend
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All the security you need:

TraCorp’s private cloud hosts your platform in a SOC II, SOC III, and NIST 800-53-compliant data center in Phoenix, AZ.

Content is only accessible by logged-in users with set access.

User registrations are limited by domain.

Set your own password policy, login attempt limits, and timeout period.

Content and database backups are automatic.

All the access controls you need to empower your learning administrators:

Fine-tune permissions to limit abilities by role, management level, or user.

Allow (or don’t allow) course uploads, assignments, reporting, user management, communications, and more.

Control reporting capabilities and restrict by user groups.

Keep content up to date and approved with the automatic content review system.

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An Ever-Evolving Learning Platform Without Per-User Fees
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All the features your learners want:

Social learning features like content recommendations from peers

Notifications for all event-driven scenarios

Dynamic and instantaneous certificates awarded upon the completion of a program

Gamification features like competition leaderboards and badges

Easily referenced terminology in the dictionary/glossary of terms

LMS Pricing

Monthly price

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Have questions? 
We have answers!

Does the TraCorp LMS has built-in course authoring?

You can build robust courses using the natively supported content types including videos, presentations, and documents. Many pieces of content can be grouped together to create custom programs, even blending them with in-person and virtual instructor-led trainings. The TraCorp LMS is also SCORM-and AICC-compliant. For the longevity of your training content, we always recommend that your eLearning content is created independently of your learning platform using an authoring tool of your choice, which is why we don't offer authoring built-in. Need help creating your course? Learn more about our custom training services.

If you're just getting started with online learning (perhaps you've never heard of SCORM or AICC), then you may be looking for a platform that allows you to build content directly into it so you can validate your course or easily sell digital products. If that's you, then we recommend you check out our friends  at Teachery.

Is the TraCorp learning platform an LMS or an LXP?

Both! Our platform provides a blended learning experience that allows learners to self-serve and discover content that matches their interests. Our personalization features enhance the learner experience, and our recommended features bring social learning to our platform.

Does the LMS have an API?

Yes. Use the API to easily send data to the LMS or from the LMS into other systems.

How much is an LMS subscription?

TraCorp prides itself on having an competitively priced LMS that allows organizations of all sizes to scale their learning operations sustainably. We have a straightforward, tiered pricing model that isn't per user, per course, or per login. For organizations just getting started with a learning platform with only a few users, the price is no more than $11.40/learner/year. Once an organization has over 2,500 learners, the price is around $7.00/learner/year and scales to $1.00/learner/year for organizations with hundreds of thousands of learners.

Can the LMS be customized?

Yes! Over the past 20 years, we've worked with our customers to customize the TraCorp LMS to do whatever they need, including HRIS imports, exporting data to other platforms, and more.