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Superior learning outcomes result from pairing our seasoned learning development teams with the expertise of your internal organization. Working with an experienced team means we do the job right the first time.

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Our learning development teams create highly effective learning solutions in all current formats—from online/mobile courses to microlearning to instructor-led to performance support tools. Many projects incorporate several formats to create a blended solution.

Our instructional designers are experts in analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. They are topic agnostic, meaning they develop learning solutions for many industries and numerous business needs, such as technical and professional skills, risk and compliance, HR processes, client education, sales, product knowledge, and organizational change.  

Creating training is highly collaborative

We work with your content experts (the people who know what the learner needs to know) to determine the knowledge and skill requirements by role. We then collaborate to verify the target audience's characteristics, such as learning goals, desired outcomes, preferred modality (online, in-person, virtual, or hybrid), and target languages. Then, we design and develop the solution.

An overview of our development process

After collaborating to identify the training need, we begin by designing the learning solution.

For an online/mobile solution, we create a storyboard of the content. Storyboarding is like writing a movie script and drafting each screen before we start the expensive animation work. After all stakeholders sign off on the storyboard, it is handed off to the media and graphics team to bring it to life rapidly.

For all other learning solutions, we create a design outline to describe each deliverable's flow, content treatment, and duration.The deliverable development is complete after all stakeholders sign off on the outline.

Deliverables undergo a client alpha, validation review, and a final approval. Prior to each review, they undergo a quality assurance review.

Need an update?

If your existing training needs an update—even if it's just a new delivery format, we can refurbish it for you. "Content readiness" is a factor we evaluate when pricing a project, and refurbishing or converting existing materials is less expensive than starting from scratch.

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What learner engagement and development tools do you use?

Learner engagement is key to compelling learning experiences and retention. Our instructional designers include simple design elements, such as interactions, animation, scenarios, and videos, or complex design elements, like case studies, simulations, gaming, avatars, and AI. Our goal is to activate the learner’s critical thinking, provide opportunities for the learner to connect emotionally to the content, and improve applicability to the job.

Our development team stays abreast of current and new authoring and graphics tools. Our current portfolio includes Articulate Storyline®, Rise® Adobe® Captivate®, Lectora®, Camtasia®, Adobe® Creative Cloud®, and Canva®.

Selection of engagement methods and development tools depends on the complexity of the content, the expected mastery level, and the budget.

What is included in a learning project?

When building online courses, all projects include a project manager, a team of instructional designers and developers, and quality assurance and quality control checks. The final deliverables depend on the delivery format, but you'll always receive the final materials, which include the design document, the storyboard, the final materials, and all source files.

Where are online courses hosted for learners to access? Will I receive SCORM packages?

We create online courses that comply with common standards, such as SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and more. If you need an LMS on which to host the courses, we can provide you with a subscription to the TraCorp LMS for hosting your learning content online.

What instructional design methodologies do you use?

Our practices include outcome-based learning, criterion-referenced assessment, planning and facilitating higher-level thinking, applying the concepts of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning and skill development, shifting the emphasis from teaching to learning, and using instructional technologies.

We employ a proven, continually improved methodology based on input from our team and clients. It is grounded in several long-standing instructional design models, including ADDIE, the Kirkpatrick Model, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Keller ARCS Model, Mager’s Criterion-Referenced Instruction, Successive Approximations Model (SAM), and Knowles Adult Learning Theory.

What does it cost to build custom training?

Pricing for each project is unique and based on the modality, length, and complexity of the learning solutions.

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