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eLearning / Web-Based Training (WBT)


Microlearning and Job Aids


In-Person Training


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25+ Years of Custom Training

We design a targeted learning strategy for every customer. The goal is to ensure the right training is delivered using the best methodology for peak effectiveness. Meld our experience with your knowledge to create the right learning path for your audience.

Training That’s Earning Recognition

Learning Development Pricing

Our pricing is completely unique to your project and based on the final amount of time the learner will spend with the learning program. Through our free consultation process, we choose the level of complexity needed to teach your curriculum and find the right price according your to needs.

Low Complexity

Basic courseware with simple interactivity to lower overall development costs

Medium Complexity

Interactive courseware with practice-based exercises close to what the learner will experience on the job

High Complexity

Courseware that contains one or more complex media types such as simulation, branching, gaming, or long duration video and animation






$18,500 +/- $5,500
Per Seat Hour
$25,000 +/- $7,000
Per Seat Hour
$32,000 +
Per Seat Hour


Graphics and media

AICC or SCORM compliance

Narrative script

Professional narration

Final assessment

Instructional design

Simple interactivity

Branching and scenario-based exercises


Practice-based exercises


2D Animation


Lesson quizzes


Filming and video


Interactive design and/or 3D animation


Simulated environments


Your Tailor-Made Training Questions Answered

What do you mean by tailor-made training?

While "one-size fits all" training works for many areas, organizations also have specific processes, standards, initiatives, problems, and gaps. Tailor-made training is where we work with you to address your audience's specific needs. We offer a range of tailor-made products, including web-based (WBT), micro-eLearning, mobile-ready, in-person, virtual classroom, job aids, reference guides, and a hybrid of all these things. Tailor-made is also often called custom content.

Why do I need custom content?

You have a new system you want your employees to use, and you want to ensure they use it in line with your company's processes and protocols. Perhaps your people are not selling or using certain products your company offers, and you want to change that. Maybe you have in-person training, but it's no longer cost-effective because your audience is expanding. These are a few examples of why tailor-made training comes into play. We match your audience with your specific need. Our professionals work with you and your content experts to design and develop training that works for your "people," whether your "people" are your employees, vendors, or customers.

Who owns my course once it has been created?

You do. There is a burgeoning industry where you can buy a custom content development tool and the deployment system all in one. However, if the relationship goes awry, you may be restricted from accessing the platform, keeping you from your content! Recreating it takes greater effort to deliver to your audiences in situations like this.

Our model empowers you. You own your content. At the end of a project, we provide you with source materials. We have our own deployment system (LMS) and will gladly deploy your content, but you still own it. We will also update your content if the need arises or, with the right resource, you can do it yourself!

Where will my course be hosted so learners can access it?

Our team of professionals works with you to provide you with our award-winning LMS to securely deploy your course and track completion for your learners or with industry-compliant content for hosting on any other industry-compliant system. Look under Services - Learning Management System to see our highly competitive LMS hosting pricing.

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