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Superior learning outcomes result from pairing our learning development teams with the expertise of your internal organization. Working with an experienced team means we do the job right the first time.

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Our instructional designers create highly effective training in all current formats—from online courses to microlearning to paper-based solutions. Many projects incorporate several formats to create a blended solution. Our instructional designers are experts in the analysis, design, and development of training.

Creating training is highly collaborative

We work with your content experts (the people who know what the learner needs to know) to determine the training needs. We then collaborate to verify the target audience's characteristics, including their needs, learning goals, desired outcomes, preferred modality (online, in-person, virtual, or hybrid), and target languages. Then, we develop the solution.

An overview of our development process

After collaborating to identify the training need, we begin storyboarding the content. Storyboarding is like writing a movie script and drafting each screen before we start the expensive animation work. After all stakeholders sign off on the storyboard, it is handed off to the media and graphics team to rapidly bring it to life. The training solution can include web-or mobile-based training.

Need an update?

Does your existing training need an update—even if it's just a new delivery format? We can refurbish your existing training content. "Content readiness" is a factor we evaluate when pricing a project, and refurbishing or converting existing materials is less expensive than starting from scratch.

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What is included in a learning project?

When building online courses, all projects include a project manager, a team of instructional designers and developers, and quality assurance and quality control checks. The final deliverables depend on the delivery format, but you'll always keep the storyboard, the final materials, and all source files. Our courses come with a bumper-to-bumper lifetime warranty.

Where are online courses hosted for learners to access? Will I receive SCORM packages?

We create online courses that comply with common standards, such as SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and more. If you need an LMS on which to host the courses, we can provide you with a subscription to the TraCorp LMS for hosting your learning content online.

What instructional design methodologies do you use?

Our instructional designers are experts in using ADDIE, SAM, agile and other instructional design methodologies.

What does it cost to build custom training?

Pricing for each project is unique and based on the length and complexity of the training course.

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