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It begins with our suite of analysis and consulting services. You will receive a learning design blueprint to create courseware that meets organizational learning outcomes.

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Want your training project to be a winner? Start with an analysis.

It is often more efficient to use analysis to clearly define the problems and the learning outcomes needed to solve them. Generally, a good analysis will identify each training development work stream and its related learning outcomes. This feeds directly into the project plan and recruiting the correct personnel. A thorough analysis allows us to complete the project in the shortest timeframe with the highest-quality deliverables.

Clear Learning Outcomes

Learning objectives define the skills and knowledge that learners need to master. The desired outcomes drive course design and the type of required practice activities. When practice activities are closely aligned with what’s expected of the learner on the job, a successful training program is almost guaranteed.

Well-Defined Target Audience

Together, we explore questions like ...
- Is the course for a single audience or multiple audiences?
- Do the learners need any prerequisite knowledge?
- Do the training materials need translation or localization into multiple languages?

Robust Training Outline / Project Plan

A training outline lists the topics of a training program, the order in which the learner will encounter the topics, and how topics flow from one to the next. An outline also shows the time a learner must spend on each topic to master it, including all assessments and knowledge checks.

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How much does an analysis cost?

Every project we scope is priced uniquely because every project is unique! Sign up for a free consultation call, and we'll quote you the cost for your project and circumstance.

If I don't need an analysis, can you go straight to developing the training materials?

Definitely! We're happy to jump straight to the design and development of your training materials if we have all the information needed.

Does starting with an analysis make the project cost more?

While it may seem like analysis is an extra step, it can guarantee that your training program's design and development phase will go faster. Projects that skip the analysis phase often have project scope changes while new information is discovered, costing you more and taking longer than anticipated.

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