Partnership with an Etiquette Expert who Appeared on Dr. Phil, Oprah and CNN

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Move over Downton Abbey! Ms. Grosso, etiquette expert, wanted to put her course called Professional Table Manners online. This award-winning course teaches appropriate behavior at a business dinner or other business function while dining. It includes an Eti-Q assessment. Lessons are: Entering and Exiting the Table, Place Settings, Napkin Etiquette and How to Dine.

As the guest of honor at a formal dinner, when do you begin eating?
Answer: You wait for the host to begin.

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The course includes background information on dining etiquette. For example, people once thought it was incorrect to cut up their salad but that is not the case.

This is a course based on formal etiquette and is not completely current in today's culture, however some of the guidelines provided are still "food for thought" worth consideration in our fast-paced, fast food-based world.


This course is a Brandon Hall Award winner.

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