A Court-Mandated Course to Support Divorced and Separated Parents is Gaining Traction on a National Level!

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Divorces cause pain. Behavioral analysis has shown that parents who continue to fight negatively impact children and cause an extra burden on court systems using resources.

This course is a two-hour online conversion of court-led training used throughout Pima County in Arizona as a mandatory parent education program. However, it has also received statewide and national notice because it provides a timely, efficient solution in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The use of this course alleviates the burden of traditional staff-led in-person training for an essential topic. It informs parents about the research on children dealing with separation.

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is looking at the same delivery model for similar training on the national level. TraCorp is working with NCSC to design, develop and deliver similar court-required training on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, because TraCorp is also an LMS provider with custom capabilities, we have developed an entry portal exclusively for the target audience—the parents involved in the Pima County Court System.

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Arizona Superior Court eLearning

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Petition For Dissolution of Marriage. This is the document that is filed with Superior Court, which starts a dissolution case. The Petition requests that marriage be ended and how the issues should be decided.

Consent Decree. This is the order used when both parties have agreed on all terms of the divorce and have agreed to a Consenting divorce. Both parties will sign the Consent Decree before a Notary or a Clerk of the Court. The Consent Decree can be reached by parties at any time and submitted to the Court after the 60-day waiting period has passed.

Decree. This is the final document ordered by the judge, which dissolves the marriage and makes orders about property, legal decision making, parenting time and support.

The course explains psychological tasks, similar to the stages of grief, that children should accomplish.

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